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I searched for your business today, come to find out you don't exist!


Do you have a professional website?  There are proven studies which state a professional website raises awareness, professionalism, and is directly tied to increased business. 


Do not get left behind in today's business world by not being able to connect to those in need of your services. 


The professionals at The Alumina Group have custom website/digital media packages starting as low as $99.99.  Email or call today for more details.   



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  • Website Creation and Design
  • Website Maintenence
  • Professional Email
  • Digital Marketing Ads
  • Client Seeker
  • Social Media Management

execupage is a virtual billboard marketing tactic positioned to complement your current business marketing efforts. 


execupage provides multiple connection points between your business and your target market. 


So what does that really mean?


Think of it this way, you own a store and miles down the road you purchase a huge billboard promoting your business.  Makes sense, right?  Increasing your business exposure by frequent visual check points connecting those in need of your service.


Now think of this same concept in terms of today's virtual world.  So you have a website, that would be your store front in this virtual world, is your huge billboard promoting your business 10 clicks away from your site. 


The concept is simple, let become your frequent visual check point to connect those in need of your service.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. 


Get Started Today for as Low as $99.99 a Month!


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